Etenesh Wassie Trio


Etenesh Wassie Trio by Sylvie Meunier
Etenesh Wassie by Cristiphe Mevel


Ethiopian diva Etenesh Wassie began singing in the azmaribèt cabarets of Addis Ababa in the early 90s, becoming known for her daring improvisations on Azmari traditions. She first encountered French guitarist Mathieu Sourisseau in 2007 when invited to perform with the Toulouse Tigers of Platanes.

The mutual empathy between her powerfully resonant voice and Sourisseau’s inventive constructions on acoustic bass guitar, merging contemporary energies from jazz to punk with Wassie’s in-depth knowledge of the Ethiopian repertoire, has sustained them on a ten-year musical journey, creating an original expressive platform.

Occasionally the duo invites other musicians, such as famed percussionist Hamid Drake, and on their recent second album for Buda Records, cellist Julie Läderach. Now they explore the possibilities of enhanced bass frequencies and improvisatory expansion with the addition of double-bassist Sébastien Bacquias. Compelling, soulful, unique.

Etenesh Wassie - vocals
Mathieu Sourisseau - acoustic bass
Sébastien Bacquias - double bass