Ethiopiques – Revolt of the Soul

Ethiopiques, Foto by Maciej Bochniak
Ethiopiques, Foto by Maciej Bochniak
Ethiopiques, Foto by Maciej Bochniak


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Directed by Maciek Bochniak
Duration 71' - Polish with English subtitles

Production Country and Year Poland / Germany, 2017 - Produced by Pokromski Studio - Co-produced by P'Artisan Filmproduktion, HBO Polska - Producer Mikolaj Pokromski - Director of Photography Grzegorz Hartfiel, Maciej Bochniak - Sound Charlie Senecaut, François Clos - Editor Ziemowit Jaworski - Animation Tomasz Bochniak - Distributed by CAT&Docs

Powerful music, enchanting witnesses and the pleasures of nostalgia in image and sound – Ethiopiques – Revolt of the Soul is the story of world music aficionado Francis Falceto. He was drawn into Ethiopian Jazz and Pop by a mere record given to him at a party, that little act got him hooked and resulted in one of the most outstanding and influential series of records in world music. Offering well -deserved exposure for brilliant musicians, many of whom live in poverty in exile today, and featuring old and new footage against the backdrop of the political and social upheaval during the end of Haile Selassie's reign, and the Derg junta that took over, Ethiopiques – Revolt of the Soul is a feast for the Ethio Jazz lover.
Ethiopiques will be exclusively presented as a market screening for WOMEXicans only before its world premiere.

Maciej Bochniak is a graduate screenwriter from the Lodz film school, photographer, drummer, producer and co-founder of Impression2Films.

Francis Falceto, Maciek Bochniak & Mikolaj Pokromski will be present for a Q&A session after the screening.