Executive Directors’ Peer Session and Network Meeting

Leadership think tank

Aengus Finnan by Morten Fog


Coordinated by Aengus Finnan (USA), Folk Alliance International

Leadership can be complicated, challenging and lonely, and the role of executive director has an inherent expectation that the person a) knows what to do, always, and b) must succeed, always. While executive directors have staff and boards to manage and report to, they seldom have access to a circle of peers to consult and compare with, often forging on alone to ensure organisations progress. Many ED’s are sought as mentors, yet they themselves may crave the same opportunity to seek executive-level guidance, whether to discuss policy, trends, best practice, half-formulated ideas or work-life balance. This co-facilitated network session is designed to build relationships among peers, identify key challenges and share leadership tips. All participants are encouraged to come to the meeting with a big question and a kernel of knowledge gleaned from their role.