Export Strategies on a City Level

How can city level music offices contribute to export development?

Tamara Kamińska by Kinga Hojda
Nuno Saraiva by Ricardo Alexandre
Sandra Wall by Ana Maria Puljiz


Session 11

Chaired by Tamara Kamińska (Poland), Music Export Poland

with Nuno Saraiva (Portugal), WHY Portugal Music Export Office;
Sandra Wall (Sweden), Trade & Industry department Norrköping

In the last ten years, a systematic increase in the number of cities that acknowledge music as one of their most significant development factors can be observed. Norrköping, Bogotá, Budapest: these cities have successfully been delivering projects and programmes that help musicians exist both on local and international stages, thus supporting pro-export activities for the entire country. What is it that makes cities support and invest in the music business? What benefits do they enjoy when entering new networks that unite ‘cities of music’? How can the artists become familiar with municipal programmes and how can they successfully look for support for their own projects? Finally, is it possible and/or necessary to build synergy between the activities on a national (export offices) and municipal level?