Favela Sounds

The musical diversity of the slums

Guilherme Tavares da Costa by Romulo Juracy


Chaired by Guilherme Tavares (Brazil), Favela Sounds – International Slums’ Culture Festival

Favela Sounds is an international slums culture festival that takes place in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, and offers workshops, debates and shows to over 30,000 people annually, occupying the political centre of the country. The festival proposes to present the most diverse musical styles of periphery worldwide and its modes of production. This panel draws a current panorama of the Brazilian slums' music, a production chain that has displayed ample growth in the last years whose main influences are DJs.

The panel will debate how the Brazilian favelas' music market inspires the traditional music market worldwide and how can production mechanisms withstand adversities. On the other hand, the panel must present the Brazilian slums' musical styles today and how these musicians make their exchanges and reach the crowds.