Film Message from Gyimes

  • event type:WOMEX 15 Film Screening
  • date:22 Oct 2015
  • time:11:00 - 12:30
  • city/area:Budapest
  • venue:Film Room, Bálna
  • country:Hungary
  • event posted by:Piranha Arts

Directed by Jenő Hartyándi.

Production Country and Year: Hungary, 1995 | Produced by Mediawave Foundation | Producer: Jenő Hartyándi | Director of Photography: Jenő Hartyándi, József Szolnoki and Csaba Kelemen | Editor: Jenő Hartyándi | Distributor: Mediawave Foundation | Language: Romanian with English subtitles

Immediately after the revolution in Romania, Jenő Hartyándi went on a journey to Gyimes to collect folk music, to rest and visit friends. During his travels through the valleys of the high Carpathians, he was enriched by the people: their joy, their sorrow, the way of their religious belief, their storytelling and by their popular culture kept in its original and archaic form. This film does not intend to give a comprehensive picture, to tell complete stories, to elaborate ethnographic or political problems, it is only a sequence of subjective scraps of memories, a sequence about a disappearing world, about the beauties and cruelties of life; it is a remembrance of those who are (mostly) no longer among us.

Jenő Hartyándi, the director, will be present for a Q&A session after the screening.

In collaboration with Ethnic Archive Budapest.

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