Flor de Toloache


Flor de Toloache by Carly Zavala
Flor de Toloache by Andrei Averbuch


Latin Grammy-winning, New York-based, international all-female mariachi ensemble, Flor de Toloache, began blazing their radical trail as a trio in 2008, playing the traditional mariachi circuit of birthdays, baptisms and weddings. Since then, they’ve been perpetually busy, expanding the line-up and assimilating salsa, jazz, cumbia and country nuances into their own mariachi-based compositions, driven by accomplished musicianship and the impressively complementary voices of founder members, violinist Mireya Ines Ramos and vihuela player, Shae Fiol.
Latin Grammy-nominated for their first album, they picked up the award with their second, Las Caras Lindas. Their third, Indestructable, widens their scope further with guest collaborations from John Legend, Miguel, Camillo Lara and Alex Cuba. Rolling Stone magazine recently labelled Flor de Toloache as altmariachi, a definition they have bemusedly but graciously taken as a compliment.

Mireya Ines Ramos - vocals, violin
Shae G Fiol - vocals, vihuela, guitar
Julie Justine Acosta - vocals, violin
Noemi Gasparini - violin
Yesenia Reyes Huerta - guitarrón