For Real

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Original title: Pour de Vrai
Directed by Ugo Mangin
Duration 54’ | French with English and Portuguese subtitles

Returning to the familiarity of his childhood bedroom, provocative and impossibly stylish French-Cameroonian rapper Ichon is undergoing a process of artistic reinvention. Feeling pigeonholed in a hard-edged persona that he feels does not represent the real him, Ichon struggles to produce his first album as a singer-songwriter.

Ugo Mangin is a French-Moroccan director based in Paris. He has been directing music videos and commercials for the past ten years, working with an eclectic range of artists such as Aya Nakamura, Ninho, Justice and Ichon and for brands such as Apple, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior and Nike. With his instinctive camerawork, he scrutinises, stirs up, and transcribes what he sees with great technicality and a decadent touch of poetry.

Production Country, Year France, 2022
Produced by Birth
Co-produced by Savoir Faire
Producer Hugo Legrand-Nathan
Associate Producers Dea Gjinovci, Arthur Emorine, Tristan Beraud, Yohan Ungar, Yacine Medkour, Hana Mekacher
Director of Photography Ugo Mangin
Sound Thomas Desjonqueres
Editor Geraldine Mangenot