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Friday 23 October, WOMEX 20 Digital Edition Showcase Session!

Stage Left:
We begin this evening's musical journey exploring the vibrant sounds of Maloya music from La Réunion before discovering the emotional depth of pan-Balkan melodies. Moving down under, span continents and cultures with the Australian Art Orchestra, cross the Pacific to hear Vodou songs of Haiti and put your dancing shoes on for the Afro-House beats of the Studio Bros.

18:30 CEST Ti'kaniki (La Réunion/France)
18:58 CEST Almir Meskovic & Daniel Lazar (Serbia/Bosnia Herzegovina/Norway)
19:25 CEST Australia Art Orchestra (Australia)
19:39 CEST Erol Josué (Haiti/USA)
20:06 CEST Studio Bros (São Tomé and Príncipe/Portugal)

Stage Right:
In a blending of musical cultures, this showcase session combines a colourful variety of styles and traditions: Cuban traditional music to bossa nova and habanera; Scottish folk to Sufi singing from New Delhi; Yemeni Jewish diaspora to Bulgarian folk with drum and bass. Don't miss out getting to know these artists:

18:45 CEST Ana Carla Maza (Cuba/Spain)
19:11 CEST Yorkston/Thorne/Khan (India/UK)
19:33 CEST El Khat (Yemen/Israel)
19:54 CEST Oratnitza (Bulgaria)

Each Virtual Showcase will feature musical material followed by a short Q&A with the artists or artist representatives.

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