Fuzzscape: Gaurhya Gaun

© Manjit Lama
Prasiit Sthapit


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Directed by Prasiit Sthapit
Duration 21’ | Nepali, Tharu with English subtitles

Fuzzscape: Gaurhya Gaun follows Kathmandu-based music producers Rajan Shrestha and Rohit Shakya to Gaurhya Gaun in western Nepal, the home of theatre artist Pranab Akash. They explore the rich landscape and culture of the Tharu community through the eyes and lives of Pranab and his family. This exploration expands when they learn about the history of the Tharu community and their fight against oppression. As Pranab’s father taught him, “when oppressors try to erase a people’s identity and existence, you sing and dance the resistance.”

Prasiit Sthapit is a visual storyteller based in Kathmandu. He currently works with Fuzz Factory Productions, a Kathmandu-based multimedia collective; photo.circle, a platform for photography in Nepal; and Photo Kathmandu. He is also the director of Fuzzscape, a multimedia music documentary project.

Production Country and Year Nepal, 2020
Produced by Fuzz Factory Productions
Producers Rajan Shrestha, Prasiit Sthapit, Rohit Shakya
Director of Photography Barkha Mukhiya, Manjit Lama
Sound Himal Thapa, Rajan Shrestha, Rohit Shakya Editors Manjit Lama, Raywot Shrestha