Ghetto Kumbé



Ghetto Kumbé dig deep into Colombia's Afro-Caribbean roots, fusing them with the hypnotic power of African House beats to create potent, minimal, futuristic tribal soundscapes. The three Caribbean coast musicians have been a major part of the Bogotá electronic/folktronica scene for some years, playing with luminaries such as Sidestepper and La 33. With Ghetto Kumbé they focus on putting the drum to the foreground, going further back to the sources of the Afro-Caribbean traditions. To symbolise this going back to go forward, they've invented a visual aesthetic of a psychedelic African tribe from the 21st Century, drawing on the mother elements of a variety of Latin American styles, working with film-maker Hugo Rubiano to meld them to a fluorescent projection of a cutting-edge sound of timeless validity.