Gidam, Drums of Protest in Khartoum

© Arthur Larie


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Directed by Arthur Larie & Bastien Massa
Duration 12’ | Arab with English and Portuguese subtitles

Gidam (‘all the way’) follows a young woman who, like many other Sudanese, takes to the streets to demand the departure of the military government. The protagonist (remaining nameless for security reasons) takes to the streets, animating the protests with the revolutionary power of her djembe. Through her music she feels the spiritual power of the beat and the intimate connection with protestors.

Arthur Larie and Bastien Massa are two young filmmakers who share the same vision. They are interested in the link between music and revolution, whether it is political or social. After a first documentary with Molotof, a music producer channelling the sound of Cairo's youth in the aftermath of the Egyptian revolution, they turned their focus to the Sudanese revolution.

Director Arthur Larie will be presenting the film and will be available for the Q&A after the screening.

Production Country, Year France, 2022
Produced by Idol Media, Pam I Pan African Music
Producers Julien Kourbatoff, Vladimir Cagnolari
Director of Photography Arthur Larie
Sound Bastien Massa
Editor Arthur Larie

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