Global Latinos 2.0: Old School and New School

Second Annual WOMEX Network Meeting

Catalina Maria Johnson, by Santiago Weksler
Alfredo Caxaj, by Ian Davies
Consuelo Arbelaez

Coordinated by Catalina Maria Johnson (USA), Beat Latino; with Consuelo Arbelaez (Colombia/Italy), CA Musica; Alfredo Caxaj (Guatemala/Canada), Sunfest

This year’s second meeting will continue the dialogue between delegates working with U.S. Latino, Latin American, Iberian and Iberian-American musics in all genres and in all capacities (artists, managers, tour managers, media, presenters, festival directors) highlighting successful strategies from the past (old school) in contrast with new music technologies and other cutting-edge tools (new school) that can be applied both to develop more professional music industry in Latin American countries and fully share the true breadth and depth of our musical art with the rest of the world. Come network, share ideas, develop collaborations, learn and discuss how to take the best from the past and present to go boldly into the future!