Photo Credit: Szymon Szczesniak


Polish street rebels Hanba! (=disgrace!) insist that punk-rock was not born just 40 years ago in Britain but actually goes way back to the Second Polish Republic, the turbulent interwar period marked by extraordinary cultural, artistic and economic growth, but also by systematic destruction of democracy through the authoritarian rule of the Sanation movement. Wielding their chosen weapons of banjo, drum, accordion and tuba, the four Krakovian performers impersonate imaginary yesteryear characters and tell their stories to a riotous mix of punk, folk and klezmer sounds- with a passion fired by the continued contemporary relevance of 20th century history. Hanba! received the Czeslaw Niemen Special Award for their "bold artistic idea and expression" in the Polish Radio Folk Music Competition, Nowa Tradycja, and have performed at international festivals, including Nelsonville (US), Off Katowice, Pohodia (Slovakia) and Colours of Ostrava (Czech Republic).

Andrzej Zamenhof - vocals, banjo
Ignacy Woland - tuba
Adam Sobolewski - vocals, drums
Tadeusz Król - accordion, clarinet