Haz'art Trio


Photo Credit: Eduardo Serrano


Haz'art Trio is an erudite three-way conversation between oud, double-bass and drums, taking an informed discourse on jazz, Arabic maqam, progressive rock and the universal pulse, carried on through immersive research in both their German and Tunisian homelands. The participants are: oud virtuoso Mohamad Fadhel Boubaker, who became fascinated by jazz while studying the Andalusian classical music tradition of Ma'luf at the University of Music in Tunis; double-bassist Jonathan Sell, a member of the Orientalische Musikakademie Mannheim who performs with his ensembles The Swindlers, playing jazz arrangements of the King Crimson repertoire, and Indian jazz fusionists, NeckarGanga; drummer Dominik F├╝rstberger, also a graduate of Mannheim's University of Music who composes theatre soundscapes combining acoustic and electronic percussion. All these elements creatively coalesce in the intuitive interplay and questing openness that defines the spirit of the Haz'art Trio.

Mohamad Fadhel Boubaker - oud
Jonathan Sell - double bass
Dominik F├╝rstberger - drums