Hell, Nobody Knows Where Jazz (and World) Is Going to Go?

How to facilitate the exchanges and links between these two genres

Martyna Markowska by Eric van Nieuwland
Agus Setiawan Basuni by Alyalifah Balqis Setiawan
Amélie Salembier
Giambattista Tofoni by Balint Hrotko

Session 17

Chaired by Martyna Markowska (Poland), Katowice City of Gardens

with Agus Setiawan Basuni (Indonesia), WartaJazz;
Amélie Salembier (France), Molpé Music;
Giambattista Tofoni (Italy/France), Europe Jazz Network

WOMEX increasingly attracts artists and promoters of jazz. The Europe Jazz Network, as an active partner, would like to emphasise the mutual background and business aspects of the two genres that go together hand-in-hand – but not usually where booking is concerned. The session will cover matters such as:

- the specificity of each circuit and the common points: challenges in terms of marketing, fighting for an audience, distribution, selling genres where less money is invested by governments, lack of exposure and current political difficulties with accepting freedom and diversity.

- which artists, agencies, festivals and clubs are present on both circuits – why and how?

- how to facilitate the exchanges and links between these two circuits in the future.