Hernán Reinaudo Quartet


Hernán Reinaudo by Sandra Cartasso


Hernán Reinaudo has made his name as one of the leading guitarists of the new generation of Argentinian musicians who reunited with tango at the turn of the new century. With a background in both the conservatory and the rock scene and a passion for the works of Fernando Marechal and Xul Solar’s concept of Neocriollism, he moved from Córdoba to Buenos Aires in 2001, joining the 34 Puñaladas ensemble who were, in his own words, “appropriating and relearning a genre that, although it was ours, we didn’t know how to play.”

Further education followed as an in-demand accompanist to a number of leading tango singers amid the formation of his various projects culminating in his first album, Neocriollo; string-laden and rhythmically rich, bringing a cosmopolitan approach to the emblematic Argentinian musical genre.

Hernán Reinaudo - guitar
Ernesto Enrich - bandoneón
Gemma Scalia - violin
Juan Baeza Cardarello - double bass