I Snuck Off the Slave Ship

I Snuck Off the Slave Ship by Charles Autumn
I Snuck Off the Slave Ship © Charles Autumn
I Snuck Off the Slave Ship © Charles Autumn
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Directed by Lonnie Holley & Cyrus Moussavi
18 mins | USA, 2018 | English

I Snuck Off the Slave Ship is a metaphor for African American transcendence. Lonnie Holley has been adrift across timelines for longer than he can remember. Using advanced technology of his own design, he does his best to transgress reality with his imagination, liberating the people he meets along the way, including different versions of himself. Temporal talismans guide Lonnie through the fragmented mundanities and phenomena of the Black American experience, as felt in his own life and beyond.

Lonnie Holley is an Alabama-born visual artist, musician, and filmmaker. He has released three critically acclaimed studio albums, including 'Mith 'in 2018. This film is his directorial debut.

Cyrus Moussavi is a filmmaker and record producer. He founded Raw Music International, a film collective documenting underground music scenes around the world. He has produced films about music in Burma, Kenya, Western Sahara, Iraq, Ukraine and Mongolia. He is also co-owner of Mississippi Records, a label focusing on vinyl reissues and new recordings from overlooked artists across timelines.

Cyrus Moussavi will be present at WOMEX 19 and there will be a Q&A after the screening. The screening will be followed by a showreel of works by Raw Music International.

Producers: Brittany Nugent, Matt Arnett
Director of Photography: Charles Miller
Edited by: Joy Davenport
Music by: Lonnie Holley Dave Nelson, Marlon Patton
Contact: Raw Music International