Iberian Touring Cooperation Projects

Past, present and future

Ana Paulo
António Cunha
Cruz Gorostegi

Chaired by Ana Paulo (Portugal), Fado In A Box

with António Cunha (Portugal), Uguru;
Cruz Gorostegi (Spain), Syntorama

Portugal's showcase festival Westway LAB, in partnership with The Spanish Wave, announced an Iberian focus for its 9th edition in April 2022 in Guimarães.

Given Portugal's geography, it is essential for agents from Portugal to collaborate with their Spanish counterparts throughout the different regions that make up Spain so as to enable Iberian touring.

Ana Paulo, Fado In A Box's manager and company director, welcomes WHY Portugal board member, manager and agent António Cunha and Spanish guest Cruz Gorostegi, Syntorama (San Sebastián, País Vasco), to discuss the past, present and future of Iberian touring.

In a casual conversation and brainstorm, the panel aims to demonstrate what can be done in the short, medium and long-term vision for further approximation between these two neighbouring countries on behalf of their touring artists.