I’d Sing about EU

Successful world music projects and EU funding platforms

Balázs Weyer by Szilard Nagyilles
Christine Semba by Felipe Aguirre
Virgo Sillamaa by Sohvi Viik
Tamás Szűcs

Session 9

Chaired by Balázs Weyer (Hungary), Hangvető;

with Christine Semba (France/Germany), Piranha Arts;
Virgo Sillamaa (Estonia), Music Estonia;
Tamás Szűcs (Hungary/Belgium), director in charge of culture & creativity within DG EAC, European Commission

This session introduces successful world music projects that were supported by EU funding platforms like Music Moves Europe, Creative Europe, Erasmus+ and others. Speakers share insights about successful applications, while taking a look at initiatives currently brewing like the European music export strategy and the European Music Observatory.