Ifriqiyya Electrique


Photo Credit: Renaud de Foville


The Banga adorcist ceremony of Sidi Marzuq is held every year in desert towns of southern Tunisia by the descendants of Hausa slaves from sub-Saharan Africa, during which rûwâhîne spirits are placated by insistent, trance-enducing chanting and percussion. Ifriqiyya Electrique is an experimental encounter where the sounds of the ritual, sung and played by three traditional musicians of the Banga community, are fused with electric guitar, bass and digital sound-shaping from François Cambuzat and Gianna Greco of industrial, avant-punk activists Putan Club. Film and field recordings made during a protracted stay in the Djerid desert are utilised to create a deeply powerful and potent experience. Ifriqiyya Electrique sees a global connection between music and trance, whether it’s pogoing punks or ecstatic techno dancers. It’s all meant to heal you.

Tarek Soltan - vocals, tabla, tchektchekas
Yahya Chouchen - vocals, tabla, tchektchekas
Youssef Ghazala - vocals, tchektchekas
Gianna Greco - bass, vocals, computer
François R. Cambuzat - guitars, vocals, electronics