Indus Blues by Bipolar Films
Indus Blues © Bipolar Films
Indus Blues © Bipolar Films
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Directed by Jawad Sharif
76 mins | Pakistan, 2018 | Urdu with English subtitles

A multi-layered and moving portrait of Pakistan’s folk music scene, its veteran musicians and instrument craftsmen who are barely surviving in an indifferent society. The film poignantly asks: is there room for traditional music in a nation embroiled in social, political and religious upheaval, along with the pressures of the colonising pop industry?
Taking us on a 1,500 km colourful journey along the Indus river in search of some of the oldest forms of music, 'Indus Blues' serves to document these vital artistic treasures so that they are not lost from our collective memory.

Jawad Sharif is an award-winning filmmaker from Pakistan, known for his signature visual storytelling style. He has worked on several socially and culturally sensitive film projects on human rights. Sharif is an alumnus of the Swedish Institute and Institut Fur Auslandsbeziehunge, Germany plus sits on the jury of the Jaipur Library Academy Awards, India. 'Indus Blues' is his first feature documentary.

Jawad Sharif will be present at WOMEX 19 and there will be a Q&A after the screening.

Produced by: Bipolar Films
Producer: Jawad Sharif
Director of Photography: Asmat Bashir
Sound: Varqa Faraid, Agha Ibrahim Akram, Ahmed Ali
Edited by: Jawad Sharif, Asmat Bashir
Music & Craftsmen: Allahjurriyo Kambhar, Akbar Khamisu Khan, Ajmal Laal Bheel, Gulbaz, Ejaz Sarhadi, Ibrahim Hajano, Muhammad Jan, Sabhu Khan, Sattar Jogi, Shafqat Karim, Ustad Mumtaz Ali Sabzal, Ustad Ziauddin, Zohaib Hassan
Original Soundtrack by: Varqa Faraid, Agha Ibrahim Akram
Contact: Jawad Sharif