Introduction to Chinese Streaming and Social Media

Discover China’s digital landscape

Alessandro Pavanello by Kirill Buhtiyarov
Han Zhang by Jian Cao


Session 10

Chaired by Alessandro Pavanello (Italy/China), Kanjian Music 看见音乐

with Han Zhang (Finland), Music.Info Finland

As China continues to become a priority region for the world’s music artists and businesses, it’s more critical than ever to gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique digital, streaming and social media landscape in this market. Drawing from several years experience with music distribution and social media promotion in China, Kanjian Music’s global business manager, Alessandro Pavanello, and MusicInfo’s business development manager, Han Zhang, present an introduction to the streaming and social media landscape in China. This session includes insights into QQ Music, Netease Cloud Music, Xiaomi, DouYin (TikTok), Weibo and more. An essential session for any business, manager, label or artist seriously considering the huge potential of this mammoth international market. A closer look into the very different, yet fascinating Chinese streaming and social media landscape. Gain a clear understanding on how to access this valuable music market.