Kang e Defa - Female Rhapsody in Kosovo

Kang e Defa - Female Rhapsody in Kosovo
  • event type:WOMEX 15 Film Screening
  • date:22 Oct 2015
  • time:10:15 - 10:45 CEST
  • city/area:Budapest
  • venue:Film Room, Bálna
  • country:Hungary
  • event posted by:Piranha Arts


Part of the 'Morning Moon' film section.

Directed by Vincent Moon and Fatime Kosumi.

Production Country and Year: Kosovo, 2014 | Produced by Fatime Kosumi for Andrra | Director of Photography: Vincent Moon | Sound: Vincent Moon | Editor: Vincent Moon | Distributed by Collection Petites Planètes | Language: Albanian with English subtitles

Featuring Shota Ansamble; Merita Rama, Vahide Jusufi and Amire Grajcevci; Xhylsyne Guri, Sherije Skeraj and Qefsere Qafleshi; Zejnepe Shaqiri; Nazmije Shala, Nezafete Shala and Asim Shala; Sirie Gagica, Mirjeta Jakupi, Elvira Jakupi and Habibe Ramadani; Lule Murseli, Teuta Elezi, Valmire Murseli and Arbnora Idrizi; From the Katarina Josipi Ansamble, Rosa Gjevelekaj and Lajde Kolgjeraj – Kajtazi; Girls of SH.KA. Muharrem e Xhevat Qena; Fadile

What is the sound of Kosovo’s landscape? How a land marked by war expresses harmony through its women, through those ancient songs? Kang e Defa is an exploration of female rhapsodies across the youngest country in the Balkans. A poetic trip, a collage of stories, of characters, of music. And more than anything else, a celebration of Kosovo’s women.

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