Kayhan Kalhor


Kayhan Kalhor by Todd Rosenberg
Kayhan Kalhor by Azadeh Besharaty


An internationally acclaimed virtuoso on the kamancheh (spike fiddle), Tehran-born Kayhan Kalhor began playing professionally at the age of 13, going on to study and perform with some of Iran’s greatest masters of Persian classical music. He has been instrumental in popularising
Persian music worldwide, through his work with Kronos Quartet, Brooklyn Rider and Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble; as a soloist with major orchestras, including the New York Philharmonic and the Dresdner Sinfoniker; as well as his own projects, such as Ghazal, with Indian
sitar master Shujaat Husain Khan; and his collaborations with Turkish bağlama master, Erdal Erzincan and Iranian santour master, Ali Bahrami Fard. In 2018, Kayhan Kalhor was awarded the Isaac Stern Human Spirit Award in Shanghai for his “outstanding contribution to our understanding of humanity through the medium of music.”

Kayhan Kalhor - kamancheh
Erdal Erzincan - baglama