Kim So Ra

(South Korea)

Kim So Ra by Park in Gyu
Kim So Ra by Song Kwang Chan


Korean percussionist Kim So Ra has played the hourglass shaped, two-headed drum known as janggu since she was a child. In high school she became a prominent prize-winner at folk festivals and cultural competitions, going on to eventually achieve her Master of Korean Music degree in 2012.

Since then she has been taking quietly revolutionary steps to modernise perceptions within traditional Korean music. Pivotal was her 2013 visit to Chicago to collaborate with musicians of diverse backgrounds in a project she named ‘The Modernization and Globalization of the Janggu’, returning the following year for the Janggu Rhythm Connection project.

At home, she formed the first all-female traditional arts performance group, Norikkot, as well as the electronic/traditional fusion band, nuMori. In her performances, she explores new rhythmic concepts with traditional Korean instruments.

Kim So Ra janggu - percussion
Hyun Seung Hun - percussion
Lim Ji Hye - Gayageum
Lee Hye Joong - piri