King Ayisoba


Photo Credit: Nick Helderman


Born in north-eastern Ghana, King Ayisoba started learning the two-string lute, the kologo, as a small child from his traditional healer grandfather. As a young man, he moved to Accra where he scored a massive hit with his song, I Want To See You, My Father, a raw kologo-driven filial complaint that cut through the standard popular fare of hiplife, highlife and hip-hop. Fame brought him to the attention of Arnold de Boer, frontman of Dutch group The Ex, who has subsequently produced three albums with Ayisoba, keeping to the fore the powerful traditional sounds of kologo, guluku drum and dorgo horn, even when adding other instruments and beats. The latest album, 1000 Must Die, features guest luminaries such as Orlando Julius and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. Powerful social commentary, timeless wisdom: traditional music of the future.

King Ayisoba - vocals, kologo
Azure Aboba - guluku, dundun drums
Sulley Ayuune - sinyaka, backing vocals
Francis Ayamga - djembe, bemne drums
Abaadongo Adontanga Aporee - dancer, backing vocals, dorgo