Photo Credit: Victor Delfim


Cuban singer, flautist and percussionist Yaite Ramos has always been determined to find her own voice, and in the persona of La Dame Blanche she has created a fast-moving vehicle with which to express her songs of female empowerment, Santería spirituality and life in the barrio through a multi-layered mix of hip-hop, cumbia, dancehall and reggae. Her Afro-Cuban roots are always present in the mix, unsurprising given her upbringing: her father is Jesus ‘Aguaje’ Ramos, trombonist and musical director of the Buena Vista Social Club. Having studied classical flute at Havana’s Escuela Nacional de Arte, she moved to Paris where she has now spent almost two decades becoming La Dame Blanche. Her co-conspirators on two albums to date are Marc ‘Babylotion’ Damblé (producer of Amadou & Mariam and Orishas) and Emiliano Gómez (aka El Hijo de la Cumbia).

La Dame Blanche - lead vocals, flute
Babylotion - electronics, keyboards, dubs
Pierre Mangeard - drums, clarinet