Labels Network Meeting

A brief encounter to exchange our experiences in a global environment

Felipe Alvarez by Marie-Charlotte Béja
Nyege Nyege
Jay Rutledge
Alice Whittington by David D Barajas

Coordinated by Felipe Álvarez (Colombia), A&R and music producer, Polen Records
with Derek Debru (Belgium/Uganda), Nyege Nyege;
Jay Rutledge (USA/Germany), Head of Outhere records;
Alice Whittington (Australia/UK), general manager, Soundway

In this network meeting, we will share experiences that can help develop our ventures further. This year, we will be joined by Derek Debru from Nyege Nyege, Alice Whittington from Soundway and Jay Rutledge from Outhere Records. They will be sharing their experiences on how to best collaborate with African artists, organize, strategize, structure teams and exchange ideas on working together in times of pandemic. We wish to open the conversation to everyone, share facts, create unique opportunities and find new ways to think and act as a global community. Let’s connect and help shape a more exciting future in this ever-changing world of music.

You can watch the session through our video-preview at the designated time or connect via Zoom by following the link below and actively participate in the session (ask questions, leave comments, participate in break-out rooms & more):

You can rewatch the session:

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