Lakha Khan


Lakha Khan by Ankur Malhotra
Lakha Khan by Shiv Ahuja


Lakha Khan is hailed as the greatest living exponent of the sindhi sarangi. He belongs to a Muslim musicians’ caste in western Rajasthan known as the Manganiyar. Traditionally they have performed for wealthy Hindu Rajput patrons and are regarded as oral genealogists and keepers of folk tales and histories. Lakha Khan is one of the last remaining Manganiyars to have mastered the complex 27-stringed sarangi and, at 76 years old, he is even more determined to carry forward the centuries-old musical tradition of Rajasthani folk and Sufi music.
2012 saw the beginning of his association with Delhi-based label Amarrass Records, with the release of his first album, At Home, followed by Live in Nashville in 2015. His latest is a collaboration with Malian kora player Madou Sidiki Diabaté, merging 47 strings and centuries of story-telling.

Lakha Khan - sindhi sarangi
Dane Khan - dholak

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