Loccisano - De Carolis Duo

Loccisano - De Carolis Duo (Italy)

Photo by Vito D'Andrea

Two virtuoso guitarists, Francesco Loccisano and Marcello De Carolis, came to their collaboration through their shared fascination for the chitarra battente, a traditional Southern Italian instrument with baroque roots. Usually referred to in translation as 'strumming guitar', the chitarra battente primarily evolved as an accompanying instrument providing the rhythm for communal dances like tarantella and pizzica. It took the duo some time to work out how to expand the possibilities of the instrument, its sturdy build seemed to discourage more complex melodies and solos, but perseverance furthered and they developed a method they eventually published online, instigating an interest that brought forth their first album, Venti. Developmental difficulties now no longer detectable, the duo's dynamic interplay on a repertoire of original compositions skilfully showcases the new-found potential of this venerable instrument to captivate new audiences.

Intro: Ciro De Rosa (Italy)

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