Lova Lova

DR Congo/France


He calls himself Muta Wa Ngozi, Monster, Sorcier d'Art, Primacuria, Double-King. He is the wizard in the red tunic and cyberpunk glasses, fronting a watertight trio of two bass guitars and a drummer, taking off to phantasmagorical lands while preaching energetically in Lingala, Kikongo and French. That's Wilfried Luzele, aka Lova Lova, and he has been evolving as a musician and performer within the alternative cultural scene in Kinshasa since 2016. His musical style is a multiple pile-up, a deliriously fluorescent blend of traditional Congolese elements, rock, ragga and afro-punk, which provides a pulsing backdrop for his commanding, guttural voice spinning out his texts describing the urban life of Kinshasa with humour and intensity. The sound is taught and fraught with dance-inducing entrancery. Lova Lova is coming and resistance is futile.