Love in the Face of Genocide

© Hogir Qulan
Shero Hinde
© Hogir Qulan


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Directed by Shero Hinde
Duration 52’ | Kurdish with English subtitles

The Yazidis’ isolated homeland in the mountains of Shengal has faced more than 74 massacres throughout its history, the most heinous of which were carried out by ISIS in 2014. Love in the Face of Genocide explores the impact of suffering, religion and cultural difference on the songs of love in Shengal, and documents how the Yazidis maintain their heritage and tell their stories of love and sorrow through their survival song.

Shero Hinde is a director, actor, scriptwriter and teacher from Qamishlo, Syria. He makes short and feature-length documentaries based on the culture and lyrical heritage of the present-day surroundings of ancient Mesopotamia and is one of the founders of Komina Filma Rojava.

Production Country and Year Syria, 2020
Producers Sevinaz Evdike, Ahmed Feqe, Elîyas Seyîdo, Gulê Osê, Arges Delîla
Director of Photography Hogir Qolan
Sound Ali Feqe
Editors Ali Feqe, Mistefa Weys