Lusophone Labels to Love

Meet some of Portugal’s most exciting global club players

Emily Dust by Franco Blanco
Branko by Intu Collective
Buruntuma by Indi Nunez


Chaired by Emily Dust (UK), Emily Dust;

with Branko (Portugal), Enchufada;
Buruntuma (Guinea-Bissau/Portugal), Buruntuma

Lisbon is arguably one of the most exciting places on earth for new club music yet the music has a distinctly local feel. Portugal sits at an intersection between Europe, Africa and Latin America and its club music reflects that, with a huge range of influences merging into a unique sound.
Much of this excitement comes from just a few independent networks with big visions. In this panel we’ll discuss:

- Building a global following while staying true to local audiences
- How the traditional label format is giving way to more informal distribution networks
- The links between the Lisbon sound and other lusophone scenes – kuduro, afrohouse and baile funk
- The inspiration with other global genres such as grime

Delegates will come away with ideas on how to grow their own scenes, build connections and share knowledge.