MA Rouf


MA Rouf by Jaana Moilanen


MA Rouf has created a fusion of the mystical Persia and the luring cool of the North, traveling the paths of international jazz and remaining true to Middle Eastern maqams. They are playing Middle Eastern rhythms with Scandinavian jazz influences - world-jazz with a twist.

MA Rouf’s creator is the Finnish-Iranian master musician Marouf Majidi. He comes from Sanandaj, the musical capital of Kordestan, and his rich Middle Eastern heritage gives the unique and enchanting sound for their music.

In MA Rouf he joins with three respected musicians from the Finnish jazz scene to create a compelling mix of Middle-Eastern, African and Scandinavian influences. They are composer, tar player and vocalist Marouf Majidi, saxophonist Jouni Järvelä, bassist Jukka Haavisto and percussionist Mikko Hassinen. Together they have experience from a full spectrum of musical traditions, which is evident in their music.

Marouf Majidi - tan, tanbour, vocals
Jouni Järvelä - saxophone, clarinet, keyboard
Jukka Haavisto - fretless bass
Tomi Saikkonen - percussion, drums