Photo Credit: Melanie Kusznireckyj


Maz founder Marc Maziade describes the band’s music as a collective trip on traditional Québécois sounds that also embraces other kinds of music that have something in common, whether jazz, rock, bossa nova or electro. The uniting factor is the imperative to dance. Thus, the traditional values of fiery fiddling, thundering foot percussion and rousing reels are celebrated and opened out with modal jazz riffs and global dance grooves. It’s not folklore, but a reflection on tradition and modernity grown out of collective jam sessions within the thriving Québécois scene.
Their first two albums received no less than thirteen top Canadian award nominations between them, proving their category-defying appeal across the board. As Maz say, it doesn’t matter about labels, the musical elements that inspire dance are universal, just jump into the wave and trip.

Marc Maziade - tenor banjo, electric guitar, programming, feet percussion, vocals
Pierre-Olivier Dufresne - fiddle, feet percussion, vocals
Roxane Beaulieu - keyboards, vocals
Hugues-Olivier Blouin - double bass, vocals