Meet the Recipient of the WOMEX 19 Professional Excellence Award:

Julie’s Bicycle, Powering creative climate action

Chiara Badiali by James Allan
Julie's Bicycle by Angela Dennis Photography


Session 22

Chaired by Chiara Badiali (Switzerland/UK), Julie’s Bicycle

Meet the recipient of the WOMEX 19 Professional Excellence Award, Julie’s Bicycle, the day before the Award Ceremony. Chiara Badiali from the Julie’s Bicycle team will present their work and initiatives, followed by an open conversation and Q&A.

“For the work that Julie’s Bicycle has done and continues to do, we honour this organisation for the advocacy and commitment to environmental sustainability in the creative arts sector, recognising the collective need for responsibility and action at all levels, and for showing that this can be achievable with the right attitude; and for offering the music community – both professionals and audience – the practical tools to highlight green issues with clarity and balance.”