Meet the Recipient of the WOMEX 22 Professional Excellence Award

Francis Gay

Felix Zeltner by Helga Traxler
Francis Gay by COSMO


Chaired by Felix Zeltner (Germany/USA), Remote Daily

with Francis Gay (France/Germany), COSMO Head of Music

Meet the recipient of the WOMEX 22 Professional Excellence Award, Francis Gay, the day before the Award Ceremony. In this session Francis will be interviewed by Felix Zeltner.

Over the past 40 years, Gay has been involved in basically every part of the European world music industry and beyond. Known for his work in radio, revolutionising Germany’s Cosmo Radio (formerly Funkhaus Europa) as its head of music while hosting his own internationally-renowned shows Selektor and 5Planeten. He’s also a journalist and writer, a DJ, a promoter of concerts and clubs, a festival director and curator, a record producer, a finder of elusive musicians and an all-around expert on the musical here-and-now.