Meet the Recipient of the WOMEX 23 Professional Excellence Award

On the move

Balázs Weyer by Bazánth Ivola
Marie Fol by Michael Rathmayr
Marie Le Sourd
On the Move


Chaired by Balázs Weyer (Hungary), Hangvető;
with Marie Fol (France/Belgium); Marie Le Sourd (France), On the Move

Meet the recipient of the WOMEX 23 Professional Excellence Award, On the Move, the day before the Award Ceremony. In this session, Marie Fol and Marie Le Sourd will be interviewed by Balász Weyer.

In recognition of their invaluable contribution to the global music community through their dedication to re-shaping the landscape of the international music scene by providing information for mobilising artists and professionals to operate internationally; and for working to re-imagine mobility as more fair, more green and more inclusive, On the Move plays an essential role: by their commitment to engaging with the context, environmental impacts and ethics of mobility, they offer a platform for cultural exchange, promoting understanding, tolerance and appreciation for the diverse artistic expressions that thrive in our music world.