Mimaroglu: The Robinson of Manhattan Island

© Mimaroglu Documentary Project
Serdar Kökçeoglu


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Directed by Serdar Kökçeoglu
Duration 76’ | English, Turkish with English subtitles

This is the story of two free spirits who migrated from Turkey to the USA in the early 1960s: legendary electronic music composer Ilhan Mimaroglu and his vibrant wife Güngör. Using the couple's personal archives, the documentary captures the career of Ilhan as an edgy artist, and the power of the couple‘s life-long companionship, which started off amid a family drama. In a multi-layered structure, the film talks about immigration, music, love and disappointment.

Serdar Kökceoglu studied directing at the film department at 9 Eylül University. A member of the Turkish Film Critics Association (SIYAD), Kökçeoglu is a researcher on short films. He established an online label called Ses Kitabi, has released an album on the label Müzik Hayvani, and exhibited sound art in various locations.

Dilek Aydin will be present at WOMEX 21 and there will be a Q&A after the screening.

Production Country and Year Turkey, USA, 2020
Producers Dilek Aydin, Esin Uslu, S. Buse Yildirim
Director of Photography Levent Türkan
Sound Erkal Taskin
Editor Eytan Ipeker