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Monsieur Doumani
Monsieur Doumani


Monsieur Doumani specialises in smoking, drinking Grappa and playing music from the island of Cyprus. That’s what they say, but wait, there’s more. The trio from the still-divided city of Nicosia are winning an international reputation for their updating of Cypriot folk music by returning to the roots, reshaping old songs that sing out against the system to actively address the issues of today.
Their recent, third album Angathin, calls for peace and unity in their island, rails against the economic crisis, political corruption causing environmental damage and reminds us we must all do more to reduce the mountains of consumer garbage that are choking us.
All done with exemplary musicianship, dance-inducing energy and a broad sense of humour. They’ve won awards, nominations and the solid approval of audiences across Europe to Cuba, Russia and India.

Antonis Antoniou - vocals, tzouras
Demetrios Yiasemides - backing vocals, flute, trombone
Andy Skordis - backing vocals, guitar