Music Export in Poland - where are we?

The Results of Market Survey on export activity of Polish Music Industry

Boguslaw Pluta by: Krzysztof Dubiel
Anna Ceynowa by Adam Tucki
Marek Hojda by J.Barcz&W.Druszcz
Jan Młotkowski

Coordinated by Marek Hojda (Poland), Society of Authors ZAiKS;
with Bogusław Pluta (Poland), ZPAV;
Jan Młotkowski (Poland), Society of Authors ZAiKS;
Anna Ceynowa (Poland), Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland

The subject of the session is presenting and discussing the results of the Market Survey on export activity of Polish authors, artists and record labels. Despite the fact that Poland has 40 million citizens and the music market has been expanding significantly (6.5% increase in 2016), Polish music is known abroad mostly for classical music and jazz. In 2017 the Polish organisations: ZAiKS representing authors’rights and ZPAV, representing music producers’ rights, with support of the Polish Minister of Culture, conducted a special survey about the current situation of Polish pop music abroad. The biggest Polish bands and music companies with experience in this area took part in the survey.

In the session we will be addressing the following questions:

How big is the Polish export music market? Could Polish music be an export product? What kind of trends can we see in the Polish music market?