Music In Migration And Exile

Follow Up Of the Initiative Music For Change @ WOMEX Budapest 2015

Birgit Ellinghaus by Johan Morin
Wael Alkak by Alan Scaviner
Johannes Theurer
Peter van Rompaey by Simon Blackley


Chaired by Birgit Ellinghaus (Germany), alba KULTUR;
with Wael Alkak (Syria/France), L’atelier des artistes en exil;
Peter van Rompaey (Belgium), Muziekpublique;
Johannes Theurer (Germany), Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg

Three years after the initiative Music for Change at WOMEX 15 in Budapest, which supported the cultural diversity and was a collective action against any forms of xenophobia, the mistreatment of refugees and migrants by the internationally operating community of music professionals, we will have an updated look on what is the situation today and what practical answers the music community found to make our world better.

The session will be centred on the musical practice of musicians in exile. Exploring some of the best practice grassroots initiatives, about music content and cultural identity in new and old homelands in exile; presenting a selection of actual help websites with relevant information for the music sector on music, refugees/migrants from all around the world. All WOMEX delegates are invited to contribute from their experience and to create new and to renew and enrich already existing alliances.