Music Of The Marginalised

Reclaiming the Roots of Dance Music Culture

Nirupama Belliappa by Rohith Sarcar


Chaired by Nirupama Belliappa (Canada/India), Nipsi And The Deep Seas

Dance music was born in LGBT communities, developed and pioneered by people of colour, performed by artists of all genders. Its very DNA celebrates the values of diversity and inclusion. garage, disco, house – these are genres that have deep-rooted connections to marginalised groups including the LGBT community, non-binary communities and ethnic minorities.

In this session, we propose practical methods to create a similar ethos of inclusion and gender parity in today’s dance music culture – which is currently male-dominated and statistically shows alarming levels of homogeneity and gender disparity on festival lineups and in media coverage. We also discuss alternative dance music movements in the current Indian context, and Indian agencies who are booking diverse club music acts – offering insights on touring India for prospective female and female-identifying electronic artists.