Music to Raise The Voice

The role of artists in social movements in Latin America

Sergio Arbelaez Ospina
Pascuala Ilabaca
Chocolate Remix by Mora Destroya - Estudio Pluton

Chaired by Sergio Arbelaez Ospina (Colombia/Mexico), FIMPRO

with Chocolate Remix (Argentina), artist;
Pascuala Ilabaca (Chile), artist

Artists and music have always played and continue to play an essential role in the recent and ongoing social protests in Colombia and across Latin America. In recent times, numerous songs and videos have been written and recorded — many of which have gone viral — to carry the messages of these protests and of the social and political injustices that exist in the region. Meanwhile, many musicians have played live at demonstrations to show their support and add force to the protests.
This panel will feature artists and activists from Latin America to discuss the importance of music in the context of the social awakening and its role in transforming to more fair societies. This debate has been organized in partnership with Circulart, Latin American music meeting in Medellin, Colombia.