Music, TV and Film: Synergies and How It Works

How to make your dreams of getting into films and TV work with world music

Paulina Ahokas by Tampere Hall
Virpi Immonen by Elina Manninen
Brooke Wentz


Session 7

Chaired by Paulina Ahokas (Finland), Tampere Hall

with Virpi Immonen (Finland), Fullsteam Management;
Brooke Wentz (USA), Seven Seas Music

This session talks you through the different ways of getting your music to film and TV. We hear examples and stories from people who have done it in different ways: from filmmakers, synch professionals and artists whose music has made it to TV and film. What are the mistakes to avoid and who can help you to make the right decisions? The session is suitable both for beginners and those more advanced.