Musiconnect – Asia Network Meeting

Connecting and bringing together Asian-based music professionals

Kaushik Dutta

Coordinated by Kaushik Dutta (India), Song of Soul

In a globalised world, where people and cultures are mixing and merging like never before, the Asian music landscape is wilfully ignored globally. It is the need of the hour to set up an Asian music network. Musiconnect – Asia hopes to connect music professionals from the Asian countries to create a strong networking system. The primary objectives of this session are: to ally with Asian-based music markets and festivals; to facilitate cross-cultural collaboration and artist exchanges; to provide exposure to Asian-based musicians at international events; to produce performance opportunities at international showcase events; to facilitate a touring network for musicians from other continents touring in Asia; and to look into the emerging markets and bring in a new age of technology in networking for more effective communication and understanding.