Nightingales in Berlin

Benedicte Backlit by Ville Tanttu
Nightingales in Berlin by Ville Tanttu
Nightingales in Berlin © Ville Tanttu
Nightingales in Berlin Poster


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Directed by Ville Tanttu
55 mins | Finland/Germany, 2019 | English with English subtitles

A celebrated figure in myth, song and story, the nightingale has captivated our imagination for millennia, it’s complex song evoking a prism of emotions. Musician David Rothenberg’s latest research shows that the nightingale’s song is peculiar in part because it reflects our cacophony back at us. The film is an accompaniment to Rothenberg’s two-disc album (and book) and invites us to enjoy the sonic jam session between international musicians and the nightingales. The result is a dizzying array of grooves and rhythms in which we strive to find a place.

Ville Tanttu works as a director, cinematographer, film composer and actor in Finland and internationally. He has made several world music films connected to the Glomas programme at the Sibelius Academy in Finland and Borneo. Much of his work has a spiritual and meditative dimension.

David Rothenberg will be present at WOMEX 19.

Produced by: Playart Productions
Producers: Mete Sasioglu
Director of Photography: Ville Tanttu
Sound: David Rothenberg
Edited by: Ville Tanttu
Music by: David Rothenberg, Korhan Erel, Lembe Lokk, Nightingales
Contact: David Rothenberg