No Genders, No Borders

Gender and mobility among womxn artists in electronic music

Olfa Arfaoui by Erin Brown
Sarah Perez
Soumaya Laghiti by Sarra Geist


Chaired by Olfa Arfaoui (Tunisia), La Fabrique/FeMENA;

with Soumaya Laghiti (Morocco), Volubilian Records;
Sarah Perez (France), Beats by Girlz

In this conference session, we will be introducing a shift in the way we envision gender equality and diversity in the electronic music industry. We will discuss the importance of training, career development programmes, networking opportunities and the role of media. We will also shed light on the global diverse audience and their needs and expectations for more inclusion and more diverse music.

We will be using the experiences of women-led collectives, such as BBZ France and FeMENA, on one hand, as well as advancing on the inclusion of gender and feminism in the music sector. We will be advocating for equal opportunities in practices for talent development, mobility and promotion based on merit and not gender.