Northern Resonance



Northern Resonance are dedicated to the art of resonance, particularly the resonant possibilities of their individual instruments when brought together by these three outstanding players from different musical backgrounds in what is a previously untested combination: Anna Ekborg playing the viola d'amore, Jerker Hansers on the Hardanger and octave fiddles and Petrus Dillner on nyckelharpa. With the resonating strings of each as their common denominator they set out to create expanding soundscapes where intricate arrangements of traditional songs and dances from a broad range of Scandinavian sources - reinlenders, lullabies, polkas, marches, gangars and more – are enhanced through fine free improvisation in their own creative compositions that takes Scandinavian folk music in a new direction. Their eponymous 2020 debut album resonated with enough people to be nominated for a Swedish Grammi Award.